Judoka must never use Judo outside of the Dojo except as a last resort in self defence. 

Judoka must be punctual at all times. 

Judoka must rei (bow) when they enter or leave the Dojo. 

Judoka must obey the Instructor and Senior members. 

Judoka must not engage in idle talk when on the tatami and remain quiet and attentive when not in training. 

Judoka should always be courteous and helpful to each other. 

Judoka must perform a standing rei when stepping on to the tatami and step on to the tatami with the left foot first (Stepping off can be either foot). 

Always rei to your partner before and at the end of each practice

Never adjust your gi facing Kamiza or sit down (in front of) with your feet facing kamiza. 

If a Judoka is late, the instructor’s permission should be sought before stepping onto the tatami (The instructor should not be interrupted if he or she is speaking, but a suitable pause should be awaited). 

Instructors should, if a higher grade steps on to the tatami defer to the higher grade and ask if he or she wishes to “take over”. 

At the beginning of the session, as you rei to Sensei you should say: O negashimas sensei” This is pronounced – ON EGGA ISH IM AS SEN SAY. Roughly translated means: “Please will you give us your knowledge teacher”. 

Each time you finish working with a partner, when you rei say:“Domo” Which means “Thank you”. 

At the end of the session as you rei to the Sensei you should say: “Domo Arigato Gozamashita sensei”. This is pronounced – DOE MOW ARI GAT TOE GOES AM MASTA SEN SAY. Roughly translated means: “Thank you very much for giving us your knowledge teacher”.