Grading: The student’s theory is tested in terms of their general Judo Knowledge, Terminology and Application and graded compared to the published syllabus.

Student of the Month: This award is given to a student who has made that extra bit of effort in the last month. They need to show, in the true spirit of Judo, the 3 A's:-
Achievement; of your very best by continually trying hard.
Attitude; to yourself and others, which teaches harmony and humility.
Attendance; without which there could be no improvement.
It is not awarded every month, but on those occasions when someone stands out from the crowd.

The Jack Petchey Endeavour Award is sponsored by the Jack Petchey Foundation. Award winners are voted for by the students every three months. It's for students aged between 11 and 25 in recognition of achieving the three E's:-.
Effort; You need this...
Endeavour; You try for this...
Exceptional achievement; This helps...
The winners receive a certificate from the Foundation and a Cheque to be spent on the club or other students. At the Annual Awards ceremony in November, a representative of the Jack Petchey Foundation will also present a special boxed medallion to that year’s winners.

Leadership Award: The Annual Jack Petchey Leadership award is given to an adult who has demonstrated, in an outstanding way, an ability to encourage and motivate young people. Voted for by the Parents and Students.
Jack Petchey Website for more information.

Student of the Year: The Ken Williams shield is awarded in memory of our Sensei Ken Williams who was an accomplished martial artist, holding black belts in many different disciplines. The Award goes to the student who consistently represents the clubs values and aspirations.

Annual Sempei Award: The best new student of the year award winner is chosen by the Sempeis/Senior Kyu grades who have been impressed with a student's efforts in training.

Competitor of the Year Award: This is based on a points system for competitions that the club declares as a 'ranking tournament'. It is based on the medal won at the competition, Gold scores 4 points, Silver 3 Points, Bronze 2 points and 1 point for 4th and / or taking part. Over the year the points are added up and the student with the highest tally wins the award. 

The James Marshall Sportsmanship Trophy In honour of Sensei Bob's son. It epitomises his passion for his favourite sport and his behaviour and determination whilst playing it. (Even though it was football!!). This award recognises the student that enjoys the sport regardless of winning or losing. They always persevere in training, remain good humoured and supportive of others and always striving to improve.

The Bob Marshall Award for Achievement and Service: In celebration of our 20 year anniversary in 2012, this award, in honour of the clubs Founder, Chief Coach and Chairman, goes to someone who has not only excelled in their own achievements but has been of great service to the club.

Most Improved Junior and Most Improved Juvenile of the Year Awards: will go to the students in these age categories who have worked hard and improved the most throughout the year. Attendance record, Attitude and Achievements are all taken into account.

Little Dragon of the Year: 2008 saw the start of our new 3-5yr old Judo-style fun club. This award goes the student that tries hard, listens well, respects and cares for the other students.

Display Team Awards: A special medallion is given as a thank you to all members of the team, for the effort they put in  during the course of the year to help show off the sport and our club