Judo style fun, for your little one!

We started Little Dragons in January 2008. Our Little Dragons class is specifically for ages 3-5 years  and is a fun, friendly introduction to martial arts, teaching basic martial arts skills. This helps build their confidence and provides them with the opportunity to make new friends in a safe and friendly environment.

Little Dragon students can work towards their own badge scheme preparing them for when they can join the older class. They have a unique grading system so they can show they have a basic understanding of Japanese terms used in martial arts and some basic judo techniques.

Spaces in our Little Dragons class are limited so please contact us to arrange your free first session and to book your child's place for the term!

All our Little Dragon Instructors and assistants are fully Enhanced DBS cleared.  

Little Dragons Grading Awards.

An outline of what our Little Dragons need to do to earn each award is shown below. Gradings take place twice a year so make sure you are ready by using the guide!          


 Badges in order of achievement.

What you need to know!

7th Ko-Kyu - Yellow Tab - Positive Attitude Badge

sensei               teacher

hajime              start/ go

matte               stop

tachrei             standing bow

ushiro-ukemi     back breakfall

 7th Ko-Kyu - Orange Tab - Spirit Badge

seiza                 kneel/ sit

dojo                  judo hall

migi                  right / right handed

hidari                left / left handed

yoko ukemi       side breakfall

demonstrate     front tripping throw.

 7th Ko-Kyu - Green Tab - Focus badge

tatami               mat

domo                thank you

ichi                   one (the number)

zempo Ukemi   forward roling breakfall

demonstrate      backwards tripping throw

demonstrate      kicking K hold.

7th Ko-Kyu - Blue Tab - Concentration Badge

ni                      two (the number)

san                   three (the number)

shi                    four (the number)

toketa              hold broken 

demonstrate   octopus throw

demonstrate   L hold     

7th Ko-Kyu - Brown Tab - Dedication Badge

osae- komi                     hold down secured

count 1-5 in japanese      (ichi, ni, san, shi, go)

za rei                            kneeling bow

demonstrate               'I' hold. 

demonstrate                 windmill throw

demonstrate                 turnover move

7th Ko-Kyu - Black Tab - Excellence Badge

Know all the above to achieve our top award.