In order that the examiner is satisfied with the candidate’s performance the examiner may ask for techniques from a previous section. As a student progresses they may be asked to perform techniques both left and right handed as well as on the move. Students should be able to do all the techniques from their own section to a reasonable standard.

A student will wear a red belt (7th Kyu) until they achieve their first grade where they will then wear the appropriate belt. 

 6th Kyu (White Belt)

Ukemi                                                Breakfalls

Happo No Kuzushi                            Breaking the balance in 8 directions

Tai-otoshi                                          Body Drop

O-goshi                                             Major Hip Throw

Osoto-gari                                         Major Outer Reaping

Kosoto-gari                                       Minor Outer Reaping

Ippon-seoi-nage                               One Arm Shoulder Throw

Morote-seoi-nage                             Two Handed Shoulder Throw

Kuzure-kesa-gatame                        Broken Scarf Hold

Kesa-gatame                                    Scarf Hold

Kata-gatame                                     Shoulder Hold

Mune-gatame                                   Chest Hold

Renraku-waza                                  Link any throw to any ground hold


5th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Ouchi-gari                                        Major Inner Reaping

Kouchi-gari                                      Minor Inner Reaping

Sode-tusuri-komi-goshi                   Sleeve Drawing Hip Throw

Uki-goshi                                         Floating Hip

Deashi-harai                                    Advancing Ankle

Tani-otoshi                                      Valley Drop

Kuzure-yoko-shiho-gatame             Broken Side Four Quarters Hold

Yoko-shiho-gatame                         Side Four Quarters Hold

Kami-shiho-gatame                         Upper Four Quarters Hold

Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame             Broken Upper Four Quarters Hold

Ushiro-kesa-gatame                        Reverse scarf hold

Juji-gatame                                      Cross Arm Lock

Ude-garami                                      Entangled (Figure 4) Armlock

Ude-gatame                                     Arm Crush

Hadaka-jime                                     Naked Lock

Kaeshi-waza                                    Demonstrate a counter of your choice

Renraku-waza                                 Demonstrate a combination of your choice

Randori                                            Free practice against 3 opponents


4th Kyu (Orange Belt)

Harai-goshi                                      Sweeping Hip

Hane-goshi                                      Spring Hip

Okuri-ashi-harai                               Sweeping Ankle

Seoi-otoshi                                      Shoulder Drop

Koshi-guruma                                  Hip Wheel

Tate-shiho-gatame                          Longitudinal (Straddle) Four Quarters Hold

Waki-gatame                                   Armpit Arm Lock

Hara-gatame                                   Stomach Arm Lock

Hiza-gatame                                    Arm Lock with Knee

Ashi-gatame                                    Arm Lock with Leg

Nami-juji-jime                                  Normal Cross Lock

Okuri-eri-jime                                  Sliding Collar Lock

Kata-ha-jime                                   Single Wing Lock

Kata-juji-jime                                   Half Cross Lock

Gyaku-juji-jime                                Reverse Cross Lock

Kaeshi-waza                                   Demonstrate 2 counters (student’s choice)

Renraku-waza                                Demonstrate 2 combinations and 2 link ups (student’s choice)

Randori                                           Free practice against 3 opponents

3rd Kyu (Green Belt)

Sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi                     Propping Drawing Ankle

O-guruma                                       Major Wheel

Osoto-gake                                     Major Outer Hook

Kosoto-gake                                   Minor Outer Hook

Hiza-guruma                                   Knee Wheel

Uchi-mata                                       Inner Thigh

Ashi-guruma                                   Leg Wheel

Sode-guruma-jime                          Sleeve Wheel Choke

Katate-jime                                     One Hand Choke

Osae-komi-waza                            Demonstrate the ‘round robin’ of ground holds whilst maintaining control


Kaeshi-waza                                  Demonstrate 3 counters to throws named by the examiner

Renraku-waza                               Demonstrate 3 combinations to throws named by the examiner

Shiai                                              Contest against 3 opponents (2 wins required)

2nd Kyu (Blue Belt)

Ushiro-goshi                                  Rear Hip

Osoto-guruma                               Major Outer Wheel

Osoto-makikomi                            Major Outer Winding

Kata-guruma                                 Shoulder Wheel

Utsuri-goshi                                   Changing Hip

Sukui-nage                                    Scooping Throw

Uki-otoshi                                      Floating Drop           

Tomoe-nage                                  Stomach Throw

Sumi-gaeshi                                  Corner Throw

Morote-gari                                    Two Handed Reap

Yoko-wakare                                 Side Separation

Ryote-jime                                     Two Hand Choke

Tsukkomi-jime                               Thrust Choke

Kaeshi-waza                                  Demonstrate 3 counters to throws named by the examiner

Renraku-waza                               Demonstrate 3 combinations to throws named by the examiner

Shiai                                              Contest against 3 opponents (2 wins required)

1st Kyu (Brown Belt)

Yama-arashi                                  Mountain Storm

Yoko-gake                                     Side Body Drop

Sumi-otoshi                                   Corner Drop

Ura-nage                                       Rear Throw

Uki-waza                                       Floating Throw

Sankaku-gatame                           Triangular Arm Lock

Te-gatame                                     Hand Arm Lock

Tawara-gaeshi                               Rice Bale Reversal

Sankaku-jime                                 Triangular Choke

Katame-no-Kata                             Formal demonstration of the whole kata

Kaeshi-waza                                   Demonstrate counters to 5 named techniques

Renraku-waza                                Demonstrate combinations to 5 named techniques

Shiai                                               Contest against 4 opponents (3 wins required)

1st Dan Shodan

Must have held the grade of 1st Kyu for at least a year

Yoko-otoshi                                    Side Drop

Kuchiki-taoshi                                 One Hand Drop

Kibisu-gaeshi                                  Heel Trip

Kani-basami                                    Scissors Throw

Nage-no-Kata                                  Formal demonstration of the whole kata

Show an understanding of Basic First Aid

Prepare a lesson plan for a juvenile class and then take the class

Shiai                                                Contest against 5 opponents (4 wins required)


2nd Dan Nidan

Ushiro-ate                                       Rear Strike (Elbow)

Kirioroshi                                         Downward Cut (Knife edge of hand)

Naname-uchi                                   Slanting Strike (Knife edge of hand)

Naname-ate                                     Crossing Blow (Fist)

Yoko-ate                                          Side Body Drop (Fist)

Kami-ate                                          Upward Blow (Fist)

Tsukiage                                          Upper Cut (Fist)

Shimo-tsuki                                      Downward Blow (Fist)

Ushiro-tsuki                                     Back Blow (Fist)

Ushior-sumi-tsuki                            Rear Corner Blow (Fist)

Tsukkake                                         Stomach Punch (Fist)

Yoko-uchi                                        Side Blow (Fist)

Ushiro-uchi                                      Rear Blow (Fist)

Uchioroshi                                       Downward Strike (Fist)

Tsukidashi                                       Hand Thrust (Fingertip)     

Ryogan-tsuki                                   Strike to both eyes (Fingertips)     

Ushiro-geri                                      Rear Kick (Heel)

Yoko-geri                                        Side Kick (Heel)

Naname-geri                                  Crossing Kick (Ball of foot)

Mae-geri                                         Front Kick (Ball of foot)

Taka-geri                                        High Front Kick (Ball of foot)

Mae-ate                                          Front Blow (Knee)  

Gonosen-no-Kata                           Formal Demonstration of all 12 techniques